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Learn to Live Sustainably with These 6 Books and Documentaries

Climate change is real and you don’t need to comb through scientific papers to know that. We’ve seen it ravage forests, destroy coral reefs and cause irreversible damage to the environment. If you want to do your bit to save the planet, we’ve rounded up the best of green entertainment for some sound practical advice. Here are our top-picks of books, documentaries and podcasts on sustainability to keep you informed and entertained.

-I personally believe that reading is the best way to learn. If you are trying to learn more about zero waste and aiming for a more sustainable lifestyle, then these are the books for you!


Zero Waste Home 

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson is a step by step guide to reduce waste and save money! Going zero waste might seem pretty radical or hard to accomplish, but Bea Johnson provides easy solutions for waste free living! She takes you on a journey around her home with her husband and two kids, providing excellent advice on how to maintain zero waste habits during holidays, travels, and eating out.

Give a Sh*t 

Let's be honest, it's easier to talk the talk than walk the walk, and while we may have good intentions, sometimes we fail to create the action plans necessary to make real changes. Give a Sh*t is the action plan we all need. It provides relatively simple, but impactful everyday changes in your home, kitchen, closet, beauty routine, and work life. What I personally love about this book, is the tone of the author, which is not judgmental, but rather comical! 


In the midst of the constant bad news about climate change, Drawdown is a breath of fresh air. Instead of telling us more of what we already know (or don’t want to know), Hawken has rolled up his sleeves and gotten on with the job of trying to fix the problem. ‘Drawdown’ has pulled together the 100 most substantive solutions to the climate crisis. The full book title is: ‘Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming’.  As the word ‘comprehensive’ suggests, a lot of work has gone into researching and developing the suite of solutions. It’s unusual too to hear talk of ‘reversing’ global warming. Normally doing something about climate change is about ‘mitigating’ and slowing it down. 

*The most sustainable option for buying books is to buy the online version of it! But if you really enjoy flipping through pages like me, you can always shop second hand! There are second hand libraries almost everywhere, and you can also buy used versions in marketplaces like Amazon, BooksRun, and your local thrift store. :) 



This is your documentary if you are looking for inspiration to eliminate the excess material things in your life. Being able to visibly see how some people change their consumption, media use, and spending habits makes the whole idea of it more accessible. It is incredible how after watching this, you’ll be shocked at how materialistic the world is at this time and at all the things we possess that we do not really need. This documentary made me rethink material possessions and focus on what is  really important in life. The main lesson this documentary taught me is: less is MORE. 



This 90 min documentary explores the environmental pressure of animal agriculture mostly to to land and water overuse. It discusses how this practice is the largest polluter in the world, reason for which it states that if more people switched to a plant based diet, water shortage, hunger and poverty, as well as all the impacts of climate change could be alleviated. I must tell you this is a provocative and at times graphic documentary that will stick in your mind for some time after watching it. It is a film intended to provoke conversation, debate, and hopefully to motivate you to change your eating habits. 

Down to Earth with Zac Efron 

This one really does not come across as an educational documentary. You basically watch the beautiful Zac Efron and Darien Olen, who is a superfoods hunter and wellness expert, travel the world. During this journey they visit places like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Peru, Iceland, England, and France, among others, with the purpose of understanding and appreciating how the locals live. In all the locations visited, people are taking action towards a more sustainable lifestyle to ease their impact on the environment. It’s fun, fresh, and so entertaining! 


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