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DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Yes! You can make your own all purpose cleaner at home! This is an incredibly affordable and low waste alternative to buying a new bottle of cleaner every time you run out. And you can make your own with just three ingredients:


1. Tap Water


2. White Vinegar or castile soap


3.  Essential oil with any scent you like 


For the bottle you can reuse any spray bottle (I reused by Ever Spring bottle), or buy a glass one that will last you long. First, you need to fill more than half of it (3/4 of the bottles) with tap water, then the rest of the bottle with white vinegar (you can use castile soap instead of vinegar if your prefer). Finally, you can add a couple of essential oils with any scent you like. I personally love lavender and mint, it just smells clean, you know?   

You can find white vinegar or castile soap at any bulk store or refill station. To find your local refill station you can go to the Zero Waste Home Build Finder, type in your zip code and locate the ones in your area; some allow you to bring your own container, and others offer bottles (usually glass) for you to refill endless times. 

Making your own cleaners at home, is a step to becoming low/zero waste. It doesn’t matter where you start! Baby steps are huge steps in the long run. DIY recipes always save you money and help with creating minimal waste :) 


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