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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas Under $10

Holidays tend to be a season where consumerism spikes through the roof, globally, people tend to buy things for loved ones, but usually get too excited with the idea of it that there isn't really much conscience of what we buy or where we buy from. And of course we should still be able to give our loved ones presents and not feel guilty about consuming.  Here's a guide of some Eco Friendly gift ideas and the best thing is that they are all under $10! 

1. A Reusable Bag 

This is literally the most practical and versatile item one can have. You can use it for grocery shopping (any type of shopping really), as an everyday bag, for going out for a picnic, for storing things at home and so many more options!  Baggu has some beautiful reusable bags with unique colors, prints, and sizes for every taste and most of them even look so fashionable (I'm seriously considering going out with one of these once the pandemic is over). 

2. Bath Bombs 

It may be winter but that does not mean we can not enjoy a floral bath as part of our self care routine. I personally love baths and received some bath bombs last year for my birthday, which has been one of the best gives. Quarantine + winter limit the amount of activities that we would usually do, so a bath bomb is a way to gift a relaxing experience at home. Its a great way to relax after a long day of work (even if it is remote, some of us are working even more from home)! Lush has some amazing bath bombs, my personal favorita is the winter garden from the picture above.  

3. Wooden Dish Brush 
The best replacement for plastic brushes and sponges.  Since all of its materials (white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles) are made out of natural ingredients it is 100% compostable, making it a waste free product! It also works for cleaning vegetables and fruits that need a good scrub. Plus, it is super gentle on your hands because it has aloe vera! How amazing is that? 
4. Bamboo Soap Shelf 


Soaps around my house tend to be left after use a little wet, so the next time use them, they break up or tear easily because they are damp. A soap shelf is the direct solution to this problem. And while it may seem like an odd gift, it is one of the most practical minimalist must haves! You can buy it in a kit with the dish soap and soap at Mindful Goods

5. Bamboo Utensil Set 


Brooklyn Made Natural has an amazing set of reusable utensils that I am pretty sure anyone would love.  If your know someone who is trying to reduce the waste they produce or even become zero-waste, this is an ideal gift! It's also for people who don't necessarily have this mindset but its a great way to show them how living sustainably can facilitate your life. You can take this bamboo utensil set anywhere, and it will simplify your existence by not requiring to buy and discard plastic utensils in every trip, picnic, or restaurant you visit. You can even use its metallic straws, wood chopsticks, and bamboo fork, knife and spoon whenever you order food to your house or to go. It is a great way to make stop the habit of using single use utensils, and you will love it. 

6. Woven Soap Bag 


An agave bag  that protects soap and scrubs your whole body by removing dead skin. It is a soap extender because it helps provide a longer life to soaps by letting you use tiny soap scraps (just stuff your scraps in the bag), and helping the soap dry fully between use. Like many other of the gift ideas, it can be found at Mindful Goods.

7. Sea Salt Exfoliating Block 


A great part of skin care is exfoliation. This one right here is vegan, gluten free bar to exfoliate your face and body. We love and recommend the ones from Pacha Soap, which is an amazing store that supports ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education and small business opportunities world wide with each purchase.  

8. A candle 


Everyone. Should. Have. One. Scented. Candle. They not only make any room smell incredible, but they have been proven to relieve stress.  Candles at Good Light smell delicious and the company has a beautiful sustainable business strategy, highly recommended!

9. Rose Water Toner 

 A basic for facial skin care routine; it hydrates and tones skin, enhances mood, bales PH and oil production giving the product anti inflammatory as well as anti aging benefits for the skin. Additionally, it is made out of natural ingredients :) 


We encourage you to support small and local businesses during these holiday season! 




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